BLCKS™ has been dedicated to researching and developing oral health care solutions for the general public, particularly in the area of aesthetic and beauty. We aim to bring together the essence of lifestyle and personal oral health care to the public community. We have the world's best specialists, dentists and healthcare professionals working together to bring you the best quality oral health products - Dedicated to You.


We believe that access to oral health care is an integral part of general health and should be a form of basic human rights to all. That's why we offer a wide range of premium oral health care products at the most affordable price possible. We minimize our cost by eliminating the middle-man such as wholesalers, distributors, sales agents, retailers and bring the product directly to YOU - the consumers.


Our vision at BLCKS™ is to bring quality dental home care to all. We aspire to help create good oral health care awareness among the public by bringing lifestyle and oral health routine together. The goal is to be able to bring confidence of smile to everyone in the community.


Our objective at BLCKS™ is to bring quality dental care to all. We donate 5% of our net profits to help the 5 million Malaysian children living in absolute poverty that have no access to basic dental care. The goal is to continue to work with non-profit NGOs to support these children by providing them with essential daily dental care.


We ensure that our products go through a series of quality checked and evaluation so as to provide customers with the best experience. We operate on a 100% e-commerce platform business model. This has allowed us to remove the middlemen and unnecessary inventory costs, letting us bring real value and quality to our customers only.